How to Install Pacemaker on Linux | Quick Start Tutorial

When managing our server cluster at IOFLOOD, we installed the Linux Pacemaker tool to evaluate its cluster management features. We have shared our best installation methods into this article, to properly install Pacemaker for high availability and failover protection on your custom server configurations. In this Pacemaker Tutorial, we will walk you through the process

Install OwnCloud | Simplified Cloud Storage Setup Guide

For our linux cloud storage enhancement project at at IOFLOOD, we setup an OwnCloud server to review its features. After experiencing its viability for file synchronization and potential usefulness to our cloud server hosting clients, we’ve decided to include our processes to install OwnCloud in today’s article. In this guide, we will navigate you through

Install osTicket in Minutes | Instructions For Linux

As we strive to improve our customer support operations at IOFLOOD, we opted to install osTicket to test its platform for handling support requests. Once configured, this tool was able to prove an effective ticketing system. For our customers searching for ways to optimize support handling on their dedicated remote servers, we have crafted today’s

Install OpenvSwitch Linux | Detailed Methods for CLI

Determining a scalable network manager has been a recent priority here at IOFLOOD. We decided to install Open vSwitch on Linux and test out its capabilities for network virtualization. We have gathered our best methods here, for those looking to enhance their bare metal cloud servers with an open vswitch Installation. In this OpenvSwitch Tutorial,

How to Install OpenVPN Linux | Secure Your Connections

Accessing remote servers is a vital technique for us at IOFLOOD, and we often install OpenVPN Linux for secure network connections. To educate to our customers how to install openVPN on their bare metal cloud servers we’ve included our most efficient methods in today’s article. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to

Install OpenMediaVault Linux | How to Build A NAS

Open-source storage management tools are common, while testing, we at IOFLOOD, chose to install OpenMediaVault Linux as it offers a versatile and user-friendly NAS solution. This article provides detailed instructions for installing OpenMediaVault on Linux, ensuring our clients can implement reliable and scalable storage solutions on their dedicated servers. In this tutorial, we will guide

Install OpenFaaS Linux | Intro to Serverless Functions

As we work to provide hosting functions on-demand at IOFLOOD, we looked to install OpenFaas Linux and enable rapid deployment of functions-as-a-service. Drawing from our experience we wanted to share this article with our bare metal hosting customers looking for methods to implement serverless architecture. In this tutorial, we will explain methods to install OpenFaaS

How to Install Lynis Linux | Intro to Linux Security

We take server security very seriously, being datacenter hosts at IOFLOOD. When we need to ensure our servers are secure and compliant we like to install Lynis, as its security auditing tool helps us identify potential vulnerabilities. We have shared today’s article to aid our customers in enhancing the security of their dedicated bare metal

Install Magento 2 With Ease | Complete Linux Guide

When establishing a comprehensive e-commerce site at IOFLOOD, we decided to install Magento 2 for the wide array of features for building and managing online stores. In this article, we detail the process of Magento 2 installation on Linux, aiding our clients in deploying reliable and scalable e-commerce solutions on their dedicated cloud hosting services.

Install MariaDB Linux | Detailed Steps for Ubuntu + Centos

Installing MariaDB on Linux can simplify the daily tasks of maintaining high-performance databases at IOFLOOD. MariaDB offers enhanced security and advanced features for data handling once installed and configured properly. This article explains how to install MariaDB on Linux, helping our clients set up and manage a reliable database system for their dedicated hosting needs.