Install Kloxo MR in Linux | Lightweight VPS Control Panel

Whiel evaluating open source webhosting tools for at IOFLOOD, we installed Kloxo-MR on Linux for its flexibility and powerful hosting features that streamline our server management tasks. So that our customers may equip their cloud web server with a robust server management hosting solution, we have created this article. In this guide, we will navigate

Celebrating’s Legacy as We Embark on IOFLOOD’s Future

Greetings to all our valued clients, technology enthusiasts, and supporters, I am Gabriel Ramuglia, the founder of both Vtunnel and IOFLOOD. Today, I am excited to share with you a significant milestone in our journey — a celebration of Vtunnel’s achievements and the pivotal role it has played in IOFLOOD’s evolving story. Celebrating Vtunnel’s Journey

How to use aapanel: Installation, Configuration, and Security

Are you tired of wrestling with complex and confusing web server control panels? If so, a breath of fresh air is on the horizon. Let’s introduce you to aaPanel, a user-friendly alternative to traditional web server control panels. Imagine having a Swiss Army knife for your web server management needs; that’s what aaPanel offers with

Opensearch vs Elasticsearch – AWS and Elastic Forks Compared

Just like two siblings who graduate from the same school and embark on different career paths, OpenSearch and Elasticsearch share a common root but have evolved uniquely. Both powerful search engines have their origin in the same codebase, yet they’ve taken divergent paths in the tech world. OpenSearch is essentially a fork from Elasticsearch. In

Ultimate Kubernetes Tutorial: How to Set Up Kubernetes and Docker

Imagine you’re moving houses and you have a lot of items to transport. You could carry each item individually, but that would be inefficient and risky. Instead, you pack all your belongings into boxes. These boxes make it easy to move your items from one house to another, ensuring they arrive in the same condition

How to Configure .htaccess 301 Permanent Redirects

Imagine you’re driving through a city, but all the road signs have been removed. Confusing, right? That’s what it’s like navigating a website without proper redirects. When URLs change – be it due to a site redesign, a switch to HTTPS, or a change in content strategy – it can leave users and search engines

What is a 302 Redirect? When to use a 301 vs 302 redirect

Imagine you’re driving along a familiar route, but suddenly you encounter a detour sign that guides you to your destination via a different path. This is essentially what ‘301 redirect’ and ‘302 redirect’ do in the digital world. Confused? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These terms often puzzle many, especially those venturing into the world

How to Change Font in WordPress | Easily Configure Font Size and Style

Ever stumbled upon a website and instantly felt a unique vibe? Maybe it was sleek and professional, or maybe it was quirky and fun. This feeling, believe it or not, is significantly influenced by the website’s font selection. The typography on your WordPress site plays a vital role in determining your site’s aesthetics and the

WordPress Admin Login: How to use the WordPress Dashboard

Ever wondered about the full potential of your WordPress Dashboard? You’re not alone. Many of us are familiar with the basic features, but there’s a lot more under the hood. Imagine the WordPress Dashboard as the cockpit of an airplane, filled with various controls and indicators that help you navigate your website. It’s the command

What are SOA Records in DNS?

Have you ever wondered how the internet knows where to direct you when you’re trying to visit a specific website? The answer lies at the heart of the internet’s infrastructure, the Domain Name System (DNS). Within the DNS, there exists a fundamental element known as the Start Of Authority (SOA) record. But what exactly is