How to turn PHP safe mode off?

Have you ever experienced something like this? Everything is going well as you work on a PHP project until you suddenly see an error message stating that “safe mode is turned on.” It’s annoying to have your progress blocked by this unforeseen issue because you don’t know what this means or how to fix it.

How to Install PHP GD Library in Cpanel? A solution for cPanel VPS and Dedicated Servers

When I was more actively involved in web development, I frequently had to install the PHP GD library on a dedicated or VPS server running cPanel. Anyone just getting started with web development who wants to add more functionality to their website is likely to encounter this issue the most. Though it’s a frequently requested

How to get 100% Uptime? Web hosting reliability explained.

Have you ever experienced something similar? When you deploy a new website or server, it frequently goes down when you least expect it. If you’re like most people, you’re frustrated by downtime and aware of the harm it can bring to your website or business. However, don’t worry; we are here to assist. In this

How to install cPanel on Ubuntu OS

Have you wanted to use cPanel with Ubuntu instead of CentOS? Now you can! Many users prefer to use Have you considered substituting Ubuntu for CentOS when using cPanel? Now you can! Due to its popularity and ease of use as a control panel for managing websites, cPanel is frequently chosen by customers. In the

Why does the Linux df command show 100% disk used even after deleting many GB of files?

Does this sound familiar? Your Linux file system is full, so you delete a large number of big files. However, when you check disk usage with df, the disk still shows up as being completely full. If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. Most systems administrators have experienced this at least once. Understanding

How to disable the php mail() function

Are you frustrated with random PHP scripts being able to send spam from your server? If so you’re not alone. Many website administrators have this problem with PHP scripts on their server, and it can be a time consuming game of whack a mole to deal with it. There are many reasons you’d want to

What is a good ping result / good ping time?

Have you ever had a website load slowly, been in a game that’s lagging, or have a skype call turn robotic? One of the main causes of this is excessive latency. As latency is commonly measured with the “ping” command, this latency is often called your “ping time”. This latency measures the time it takes

How to Configure Apache to use SNI to Host Multiple SSL Websites on One IP Address

In a previous article, we explored the question of whether SSL requires a dedicated IP address. We learned that, it is possible to host multiple SSL websites on a single IP address using a technology called Server Name Indication (SNI). With IP addresses becoming more expensive and scarce all the time, and SSL being all-but-mandatory

Does SSL need dedicated IP?

I get this question a lot: Is a dedicated IP address needed for each SSL-enabled website you host? The answer used to simply be “yes”. Luckily, advancements in web standards now allow you to run multiple SSL websites sharing a single IP address. Today’s article is relevant to anyone who runs or is thinking about

Copy Directory with SSH — Three Methods

As a server admin, even simple tasks can benefit from a fresh perspective. To that end, today’s article talks about multiple ways you can copy an entire directory and its contents in linux. To do so, we’ll be exploring three commands: cp, scp, and rsync. cp You can copy files and directories within the same