IOFLOOD can be summed up in three sentences:

  • IOFLOOD exists to help entreprenuers start and grow successful small businesses.

  • We do this by using the best tools for the job, by treating people fairly, and by providing high impact help.

  • We just happen to rent servers.

IOFLOOD philosophy

IOFLOOD was founded in 2009 by Gabriel Ramuglia with a simple idea: That entreprenuers should be able to rent servers from people who actually care about them and their data.

Having managed some of the busiest websites on the internet, IOFLOOD's founders knew how frustrating it was to deal with "brick wall" technical support and careless remote hands. It didn't seem unreasonable to expect a host to care as much about our servers as we did.

Unfortunately, most hosting providers either took the "don't care" model of service at one end, or charged an arm and a leg for fully managed support at the other end. We were willing to pay for service from professionals who loved what they did, but we wouldn't shell out big bucks for managed support we didn't need.

Before IOFLOOD, there weren't many options for people like us.

How we got started

The company actually started accidentally. One day, a friend of mine told me "I am out of disk space on my server, but I don't want to ask my host to upgrade it because I'm afraid they'll screw up one of my existing drives. We've had some close calls with them before and we're afraid they'll lose our data. What should I do?"

We weren't a hosting provider yet, but I wanted to help out my friend. I put in the time to figure out what would best meet his needs for storage, bandwidth, and reliability. Although this was second nature to me, I could remember what it was like just starting out like my friend was. Using that experience to help someone else was incredibly rewarding, and I wanted to spend more of my time doing just that.

That was the day that IOFLOOD was born, and it's been an obsession ever since.

Learn more

If you're a business owner who manages your own servers, who has the occasional question or special request, and you want to do business with someone who understands your needs, IOFLOOD is for you. Our entire company was founded with you in mind.

Through our lineup of dedicated server offerings, IOFLOOD provides infrastructure as a service from our Tier III datacenter in Phoenix, AZ. We have our own on-site staff, run our own network, and wouldn't have it any other way.

To learn more about our Phoenix Dedicated Servers, click here.


To learn more about the IOFLOOD team, see the Meet The IOFLOOD Team blog post.

To get in touch, see the details on our Contact Us page.