Debian Dedicated Servers

IOFlood offers extremely reliable Debian dedicated servers. Debian is one of our more popular operating systems, available on all of our dedicated hosting packages starting at $69.00 / mo. Options include and Debian 7 "Wheezy" (recommended) and Debian 6 "Squeeze" (obsolete).

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More information about Debian

Whether you love Debian yourself, or if you're using it because it's been recommended to you by someone else, there is no question that Debian is one of the more popular linux server operating systems.

Known for it's stability and customization, Debian is a popular choice especially for highly technical users.

As one of the more popular linux server distributions, Debian enjoys wide industry support, timely security updates, and has been battle tested for stability and performance. Like any operating system, Debian has certain strengths and weaknesses, making it more or less appropriate for different users needs.

Order your Debian Dedicated server from IOFlood today.

Some advantages of Debian

  • Debian is the only operating system where you can install the popular VPS control panel "proxmox". You can also install proxmox directly without installing Debian, but when installing proxmox "on top of" Debian, this will allow you advanced configurations, partitioning, software raid, etc.

  • Debian takes a conservative approach to updates, which is helpful to ensure long term stability of the projects you run on your Debian server.

  • Debian is often preferred by serious systems administrators and hard core geeks because it exposes a lot of what happens under the hood, and offers a lot of customization options. For that reason it's easier to tune Debian to include only what you want, reducing bloat and related issues.

Order your Debian Dedicated server from IOFlood today.

Some Disadvantages of Debian

  • Because Debian is updated infrequently, the latest hardware drives and software packages are not always available on Debian. If getting the latest and greatest is important to you, Debian's "cousin" OS Ubuntu can be a better choice.

  • Debian is a bit less user friendly than other OS's like Ubuntu, which is a disadvantage for new users or for users who "just want it to work" and aren't interested in tweaking a lot of things in their OS. Please note this is the counterpoint to the last "advantage" above, as this can be either an advantage or a disadvantage depending on what you're looking for.

  • Debian is not compatible with cPanel. If you want to use cPanel, the only OS that will work is CentOS.

  • Debian, much like Ubuntu, can take some work to get used to if you are used to the popular CentOS or RedHat operating systems. After a period of learning, you'll find that each fundamentally works fairly similarly, and so the transition too bad once you've gotten used to the differences. That said, because they do things in a different way with different configuration files and commands, users new to Debian (and to a slightly lesser extent, Ubuntu), may have initial difficulty doing things that come easily to them in CentOS / RedHat.

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