SSD Dedicated Servers

IOFLOOD is proud to offer a full lineup of SSD dedicated servers. Our servers can be upgraded with up to 24x SSD drives from 480GB all the way up to 3.84TB each. We use high quality SSDs from Intel and Samsung to ensure the highest reliability and performance.

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What are SSDs?

SSDs, also known as Solid State Disks, are a special type of disk drive that uses memory chips to store data instead of a spinning drive platter. It is a high performance version of the type of memory used to store music and data on smartphones, designed to be accessed at super fast speeds. As the prices of this memory have dropped steadily, this kind of drive has become dramatically more popular due to it's high performance and durability.

Benefits of SSDs for Dedicated Servers

The biggest benefit of SSDs for dedicated servers is they offer excellent random i/o performance. This means that if you need to load a large number of small files that are scattered all across the disk, you can do so massively faster than regular hard drives. This happens to be the exact kind of usage pattern that you can expect in a server environment. Whether you're loading websites with Apache, or storing data in databases with Mysql or Postgresql, an SSD can provide a huge performance boost for your website. This can allow your website to handle far more visitors without slowing down than it would be able to with a standard sata or sas hard drive.

SSDs can do this because they use memory chips instead of spinning disks. This allows them to operate without using low performance physically moving read / write heads. It's like the difference between skipping tracks on an mp3 player compared to a record player. Whereas a regular hard drive can perform approximately 100 file operations per second, Solid State Drives can perform thousands or even tens of thousands of these operations every second.

For server usage where you commonly retrieve a large number of small files for a large number of simultaneously connected users, this can give you a massive performance boost. This speed boost is most noticeable for Mysql and other database servers, which constantly have to read and write small bits of data all over the drive. In addition, some game servers like minecraft will write to the disk constantly, and require an SSD in order to maintain adequate performance.

Order your SSD Dedicated Server from IOFLOOD today.

Why IOFlood?

IOFlood is a particularly good choice for hosting your SSD dedicated server. Some of the benefits of hosting your server with IOFlood are:

  • IOFLOOD only uses high quality SSDs from Samsung or Intel, which have a proven track record of performance and reliability. This gives you the peace of mind that your server will perform at its best at all times

  • Everything works better when you do what you love, which is why I/O Flood is run by people who love servers. I/O Flood employess have run some of the biggest websites on the internet, and are happy to apply that experience to making your website load quickly and reliably.

  • Your website is your business. You don't have time to go back and forth with staff who care about closing your ticket more than actually helping you. At IOFlood, we put in the extra effort and followup needed to make sure any problem we work on is solved as completely as possible. Although we offer "unmanaged" support, unlike most unmanaged hosts, we're happy to lend a hand with the occasional server problem or technical question.

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"Ioflood shines in support like none other. Gabe's team is exactly what they say they are, a whole bunch of system administrators, so as an administrator, being able to talk the same language makes things rather easy."
Tim T.
"My clients put in 81% fewer tickets with IOFLOOD than any other provider, none of them have EVER had to put in an emergency ticket or hardware replacement ticket."
"It's a big upgrade from the older xeon system I was using before, and it's insanely fast for my database needs. Was easy to get it going and flawless ever since."
Charles H.
"You guys are seriously the best provider I have ever found, even answering my questions before I can send them. Will surely be spreading the word!"

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