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IOFlood offers extremely reliable CentOS dedicated servers. CentOS is our most recommended operating system, available on all of our dedicated hosting packages starting at $69.00 / mo. Options include CentOS 5.x, CentOS 6.x (recommended), and CentOS 7.x.

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More information about CentOS

Whether you love CentOS yourself, or if you're using it because it's been recommended to you by someone else, there is no question that CentOS is one of the most popular linux operating systems in the hosting industry today.

CentOS is a free open source project that aims to provide the same functionality and stability as the paid OS Redhat Enterprise Linux. In doing so, the CentOS project maintains 100% compatibility and conformity with the upstream vendor's redistribution policies.

As one of the most popular linux distributions for web servers, CentOS enjoys wide industry support, timely security updates, and has been battle tested for stability and performance. Like any operating system, CentOS has certain strengths and weaknesses, making it more or less appropriate for different users needs.

Order your Centos Dedicated server from IOFlood today.

Some advantages of CentOS

  • CentOS is the only operating system that is compatible with the popular cPanel web hosting control panel. If you are going to use cPanel, you must use CentOS.

  • CentOS users enjoy long term support for the OS they install. New releases are fully maintained for 6 years, with security updates and other critical patches maintained for a full 10 years after the OS's initial release. By installing the newest version of Centos today, you can be confident that your OS will well outlast your server.

  • The long term stability of CentOS support is particularly important for software developers, who often need to make OS-specific changes to their software. The long term support of CentOS means they know that the work they put in today will be relevant and useful for many years to come.

  • CentOS is very popular in the web hosting industry, which makes getting support for it very easy.

  • Like many linux distributions, CentOS is a very stable server operating system. Properly configured and running on quality hardware, you should have very few (if any) problems with stability on your server.

Order your Centos Dedicated server from IOFlood today.

Some Disadvantages of CentOS

  • With the exception of security patches, the software packages included with CentOS by default are often several years out of date. Although selecting stable and well known versions of these software packages reduces compatibility and stability problems, it does at times leave you without desirable functionality. If your application requires this functionality, this will sometimes mean that you need to install updated packages manually, which can be time consuming and difficult

  • By default, yum, the CentOS package manager, has fewer packages that you can install compared to some other OS's such as Ubuntu. The plus side of this is that limiting the scope of what software can be automatically installed may improve compatibility and stability concerns. The downside is that it is an extra inconvenience to compile and install software manually if you do need software that cannot be installed by yum.

  • Although CentOS can be installed with a GUI, the graphical tools included with CentOS are not as robust as those included with some other linux OS's such as Ubuntu. For this reason, CentOS works best as a server operating system, and is less well suited to being used as a desktop OS.

  • Because CentOS is the free version of Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), it does not come with any support by default, like you might expect from RHEL. That said, there are many third parties who are capable of supporting CentOS. Your hosting provider can certainly provide support for you, or if you need additional assistance, you can always contract with one of many third party management companies.

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