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Charles H.

You guys are seriously the best provider I have ever found, even answering my questions before I can send them. Will surely be spreading the word!                                    


It's a big upgrade from the older xeon system I was using before, and it's insanely fast for my database needs. Was easy to get it going and flawless ever since.                                     

Ethan B

You guys are really awesome. The fast response and knowledgable and helpful staff is just great. Keep up the good work!                                     

Tim W

I have recommended IOFlood to some friends/colleagues who are in the market for dedicated servers... I always try to tell them, you get what you pay for :)

Leong Y

I thought I’d just take the opportunity to thank you and your team for three excellent years of service... I am grateful for the customer service that IOFlood has provided, for the excellent set of hardware, and all at an exceptional price.

Here's my 3.5 year review of continue to have no complaints. My sites load fast, and the server is always up. My last ticket to them was Apr 8 (2014) regarding SSL certificates which was handled promptly. Before that the last one was 10/9/2012. Because the server runs so well, I rarely initiate tickets. When I do, they are taken care of asap. Total peace of mind!

IOFlood are indeed a smashing provider. There's one very unique attribute that sets them apart from the others - quality support. Having worked with many providers and witnessed many one liners, that certainly is not the case with IOflood.
They give a damn. It's obvious to me.

Ioflood shines in support like none other. Gabe's team is exactly what they say they are, a whole bunch of system administrators, so as an administrator, being able to talk the same language makes things rather easy...when you get stuck on something complex, Gabe's team can give you assistance that few companies in my experience can.

Tim T

You all rock. You make the whole process of getting up and running easy and smooth and continue to do so long after the sales cycle. While this may seem like it should be the norm it is far from it. IOFLOOD truly is the only provider that not only says they will do it but actually walks the walk and makes it happen.

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