NVMe Dedicated Servers

Are users leaving your website before it even loads?

How an NVMe dedicated server can keep your users on your website instead of clicking away.

If you pay for Facebook or Google ads to drive buyers to your website, you know how important it is to optimize the performance of your cost-per-click advertising. But what if these expensive visitors were leaving your website, before it even loaded? How much would this cost you -- and how much could you save if this could be prevented?

Website visitors are impatient. A website that loads slowly struggles to turn visitors into customers. Make your website load at maximum speed, all day, every day, and you will reduce this costly loss of website visitors. The simplest and easiest way to do this is make sure your website is hosted on a dedicated server with NVMe storage.

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What is a dedicated server, and why would I want one?

A server is the computer that makes your website available to visitors. A dedicated server, then, is a server that is dedicated just to you -- a whole computer that is used only to load your website, and nobody else’s. With all other kinds of hosting -- Shared hosting, VPS, and cloud -- Many websites are all hosted on the same server. It should be no surprise then that a dedicated server is commonly used to make sure a website loads at maximum speed.

Having a dedicated server for your website is a lot like having your own personal chef -- but much cheaper. Whenever it’s time to serve up your website, a dedicated server is prepared to respond immediately. Conversely, shared hosting, VPS, and cloud is more like eating at a restaurant -- during off-peak hours the additional wait can be tolerable, but during rush hours you can get really hungry before your food finally arrives.

Why is NVMe important?

If a dedicated server is like having your own personal chef, having a dedicated server with NVMe storage is like giving your personal chef their own prep staff -- but much cheaper. NVMe allows your server’s CPU to get data at very consistent very fast speeds. By never having to wait for data, your server’s CPU can serve up your website without delay. Older technologies like hard drives and SATA SSDs can bottleneck performance -- like asking your chef to rummage around in a disorganized pantry before cooking your food.

How can IOFLOOD help you save money?

IOFLOOD can give you the benefit of a dedicated server with NVMe for a surprisingly low price -- just a few dollars a day. With the high cost of Facebook and Google click traffic, how much does it cost you if just 10% of visitors leave before your site loads? What could you do with that money if you could get it back? We want to help you make that happen.

“Here's my 3.5 year review of ioflood.com...I continue to have no complaints. My sites
load fast, and the server is always up. Because the server runs so well, I rarely initiate
tickets. When I do, they are taken care of asap. Total peace of mind!”
AgentScarn from Webhostingtalk

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Charles H.
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