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cPanel is by far the most popular and comprehensive control panel for linux web hosting management. Whether you're new to hosting, or just want to save the hassle of configuring everything yourself, a cPanel dedicated server from IOFlood will allow you to host your websites with ease.

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Why cPanel?

cPanel is the de-facto standard in web hosting management. Whether you're a hosting provider yourself, or even if you simply host your own websites, cPanel's account administration features make it easy to set up your site, keep it working at maximum efficiency, and keep your server secure.

Some of the features of cPanel are:

  • Ease of setup: cPanel takes the hassle and guesswork out of setting up DNS, mailservers, subdomains, and all of the other necessary details of getting your site live on the internet

  • Security: cPanel comes out of the box with many security enhancements such as CPHulkD, software that blocks out attempts to break into your server, and hotlink protection, which prevents other websites from stealing your content and bandwidth.

  • Third party support: cPanel is supported by a massive amount of third party software, including the billing system WHMCS, the script installer Softaculous, and literally hundreds of other software packages. Whatever your need, someone has likely written cPanel compatible software for it.

  • Easy administration options: Because cPanel is so popular, virtually every server management company is capable of supporting it. With cPanel, every day tasks are pretty easy, but if you ever get stuck with a more advanced problem, help is not hard to find.

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Why Dedicated Servers?

You may ask yourself, with every hosting company out there offering cPanel or cloud hosting for $10 / mo or less, why should I get a dedicated server? This is a totally understandable question, after all, we all like to get a great value. And to be honest, shared and cloud hosting *is* appropriate for a lot of users.

For serious business use or high traffic websites, however, there is no substitute for a quality dedicated server. If you make thousands of dollars a month from your website, you owe it to yourself to invest in the enhanced reliability you'll get from having your own dedicated server. Some of the advantages of a dedicated server are as follows:

  • Shared (and cloud) hosting plans are just that -- shared. There are often hundreds of customers on one server, and if any of them have their website hacked or see a sudden surge in traffic, your website could load slowly or even go down entirely. For businesses who lose money when their website is down, running your website on a dedicated server is essential. Because your website will be the only one running on that server, "noisy neighbors" will never take your website offline.

  • Shared hosts often advertise "unlimited" hosting, but what does this really mean? Just like there is no such thing as an unlimited gas tank or an unlimited hard drive, there is no such thing as unlimited hosting. That can leave you wondering, what will happen if my website gets very popular, or needs to store lots of files? Will my site load slowly, or even go offline entirely, if I use "too much"? You can take the guesswork out by having a dedicated server, where all of the resources are yours, and you're told what you're getting up front.

  • Dedicated servers also allow for enhanced security. On shared hosting, there is little separation between one hosting account and another. A badly configured server can allow malicious users to read or delete data that does not belong to them. On a dedicated server, the only website you need to keep secure is your own. With shared hosting, you can see problems if any of the hundreds of other websites sharing your server get hacked or infected. By having a dedicated server, you eliminate the risk that another website sharing your server might take your website offline.

Even with all of these advantages, I do understand that dedicated servers are not for everyone. If your website is a hobby, or only brings in a few hundred dollars a month, a dedicated server might not fit in your budget. If however, your livelihood depends upon your website staying online, a dedicated server is an essential investment in your business.

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Why IOFlood?

IOFlood is a particularly good choice for hosting your cPanel dedicated server. Some of the benefits of hosting your cPanel server with IOFlood are:

  • Expert configuration before you receive your server. Most hosting providers will leave all the cPanel settings at the defaults, leaving you to guess which of the hundreds of options need to be changed. IOFlood knows which settings are ok to leave as-is, and which ones always should be changed before a server is set up. That said, every person's needs are different, and so you will probably need to make some changes yourself. Nonetheless, you can be confident that the most important changes that are always appropriate will be made before you even get the server.

  • At IOFlood, we take hardware seriously, and wouldn't put anything in your server that we wouldn't use for ourselves. We use Supermicro and Dell enterprise grade servers for maximum stability, Western Digital or HGST hard drives for speed and reliability, and the latest Intel processors to give you the best performance possible.

  • Your website is your business. You don't have time to go back and forth with staff who care about closing your ticket more than actually helping you. At IOFlood, we put in the extra effort and followup needed to make sure any problem we work on is solved as completely as possible. Although we offer "unmanaged" support, unlike most unmanaged hosts, we're happy to lend a hand with the occasional server problem or technical question.

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Order your cPanel Dedicated server from IOFlood today.


Our feedback speaks for itself. Here's what customers like you have to say about IOFLOOD:
"IOFlood are indeed a smashing provider. There's one very unique attribute that sets them apart from the others - quality support... They give a damn. It's obvious to me."
"I've worked with Gabe and I would rate "support" to about 15 on a scale from 0 to 10. Technical knowledge is likewise."
"Ioflood shines in support like none other. Gabe's team is exactly what they say they are, a whole bunch of system administrators, so as an administrator, being able to talk the same language makes things rather easy."
Tim T.
"My clients put in 81% fewer tickets with IOFLOOD than any other provider, none of them have EVER had to put in an emergency ticket or hardware replacement ticket."
"It's a big upgrade from the older xeon system I was using before, and it's insanely fast for my database needs. Was easy to get it going and flawless ever since."
Charles H.
"You guys are seriously the best provider I have ever found, even answering my questions before I can send them. Will surely be spreading the word!"

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