What are SOA Records in DNS?

Have you ever wondered how the internet knows where to direct you when you’re trying to visit a specific website? The answer lies at the heart of the internet’s infrastructure, the Domain Name System (DNS). Within the DNS, there exists a fundamental element known as the Start Of Authority (SOA) record. But what exactly is

What is a nameserver? DNS explained

Have you ever wondered how your domain name is connected to your web hosting? This is where nameservers come into play. They are a fundamental part of the Domain Name System (DNS), often referred to as the “internet’s phone book”. Nameservers do more than just linking URLs to web servers’ IP addresses; they also offer

Why is “Non-authoritative answer” given by nslookup? DNS Explained

Have you ever executed the nslookup command and been notified that the result was “Non-authoritative”? If you’re like many people, you’ve probably seen this message a lot but never really understood what it meant. Those who are unfamiliar with working with DNS servers may find this to be a complicated and misunderstood subject. But for