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SNI SSL? Configure Apache SSL virtual hosts with SNI to host multiple SSL certificates on one IP

In a previous article, we explored the question of whether SSL requires a dedicated IP address. We learned that, it is possible to host multiple SSL websites on a single IP address using a technology called Server Name Indication (SNI). With IP addresses becoming more expensive and scarce all the time, and SSL being all-but-mandatory

Is a Dedicated IP for each SSL Certificate still needed?

I get this question a lot: Is a dedicated IP address needed for each SSL-enabled website you host? The answer used to simply be “yes”. Luckily, advancements in web standards now allow you to run multiple SSL websites sharing a single IP address. Today’s article is relevant to anyone who runs or is thinking about

What is Apache Keepalive Timeout? How to optimize this critical setting.

If you’ve struggled to fix web server slowdowns or crashes, you may have come across a setting for Apache called “Keep-Alive”. This is one of the most powerful — and frequently misused — features of apache. In this article, we’ll explain: What is Apache Keepalive / Keepalive Timeout? What configuration is optimal for best server

DirectAdmin vs. cPanel

With the recent price increases for cPanel licences, there has been a lot of chatter on various hosting forums regarding alternatives, so today I thought I’d take a look and see what else is out there for those of you that may be considering looking for an alternative.   There seems to be three main contenders