[SOLVED] Git Ignore Not Working — Git Troubleshooting Guide

Have you ever found yourself perplexed because your git ignore is not working the way you expected? You’re certainly not alone. Gitignore, an essential tool in Git for excluding certain files and directories from version control, can sometimes act in baffling ways. Whether it’s a file that wasn’t ignored as it should have been, or

[SOLVED] Git Error “you have divergent branches and need to specify how to reconcile them”

Picture this: You’re immersed in your project, coding away, when Git throws you a curveball – a warning about diverging branches. Suddenly, you’re left wondering, what does this mean? Why is Git alerting you, and crucially, how do you rectify it? Since Git’s version 2.27.0, developers have been grappling with a new warning message about

Kubernetes Troubleshooting Guide | Fix Kubernetes Issues Fast

Imagine deploying your latest application on Kubernetes. You’ve carefully examined your configurations, and all seems in order. You initiate the ‘deploy’ command, and suddenly, things go haywire. You’re bombarded with a plethora of error messages and logs. It’s like you’ve inadvertently unleashed a Pandora’s box of Kubernetes issues. Sounds intimidating, right? But don’t fret, that’s

Docker Troubleshooting | Using debug dockerfile and more

Have you ever found yourself in a tug of war with Docker issues? You’re certainly not alone. Docker, an open-source platform, has transformed the way we create, deploy, and operate applications with its container technology. Think of Docker as a toolbox. Each feature is a tool with its own set of instructions and potential issues.

Using Crontab Logs | How to setup and check cron logs

Imagine living in a world where the tedious task of manually backing up your data or running routine tasks on your Linux system is a distant memory. Sounds like a dream, right? With the power of crontab in Linux, this dream can become your reality. Crontab, a robust utility in Linux, enables you to automate

PHP error_log explained | How to leverage PHP logging

Imagine you’re a detective, and you’re given a case to solve. You have no idea where to start, no leads, no witnesses, and no evidence. Sounds challenging, right? Now imagine you’re given a detailed logbook, filled with events, timestamps, and crucial information about the case. Suddenly, things don’t seem so daunting. This is exactly what

406 Not Acceptable Error | HTTP 406 Status Code Explained

Have you ever been puzzled by a ‘406 Not Acceptable’ error while browsing the web? This error, though cryptic, is part of the HTTP status code family that servers use to communicate with web browsers. Imagine HTTP status codes as traffic signals, with each code representing a different type of signal. The ‘406 Not Acceptable’

What does “Time to Live Exceeded” mean? TTL Explained

As a network administrator, I occasionally hear the question, “What does it mean when I get an error message that says “Time to Live exceeded”?” People often ask this question when they are having connectivity problems. This error message may appear while using the ping or traceroute command to diagnose one of these problems.. TL;DR

Why does “df” show 100% used disk space after deleting files in linux?

Does this sound familiar? Your Linux file system is full, so you delete a large number of big files. However, when you check disk usage with df, the disk still shows up as being completely full. If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. Most systems administrators have experienced this at least once. Understanding

How to use MTR – A Guide For Windows, Mac, and Linux

One of the most important aspects of an internet connected system is the stability of the network. There are a number of tools to diagnose, troubleshoot, and verify network performance and connectivity. Today we’re going to be discussing one of the most important of those: MTR. In this article, we will address some important topics: