— Phoenix, AZ dedicated server BGP network improvements — Phoenix, AZ dedicated server BGP network improvements

brocade router photo

Photo by Jemimus Creative Commons Logo is proud to announce that we’ve completed a series of upgrades to our network to maximize performance and reliability for our dedicated server customers.

Our new network topology now contains a blend of 4 carriers:

Tinet — 1x 10gbps
Telia Sonera — 1x 10gbps -New-
Cogent — 1x 10gbps — 2x 1gbps

Tinet and Telia make up our “general blend” where most traffic from most customers goes. The addition of Telia Sonera recently has seen significant improvements in performance for both North America and Europe, so we’re very happy to have them in our mix now. Cogent meanwhile, provides exceptional performance for traffic to or from other Cogent customers, and so we’ve tuned our routing to use Cogent for that purpose. meanwhile, has shown above average performance for reaching Chinese networks, and so we’ve tuned our routing to use for reaching Chinese destinations.

As well, the increase from 10gbps of “general” connectivity (tinet) to now, 30gbps of “general” connectivity (tinet + telia + cogent), we are now able to absorb larger ddos attacks than in the past, improving network reliability. Although we do not provide DDoS protection, in the event that a customer gets attacked, it is now far less likely to impact other customers who are not targeted by the attack.

I want to thank all of our customers for getting us to this point. When we first started we were single homed to, and through the continued support and growth of our customers, we’ve been able to continue to improve the reliability and performance of our network through upgrading both our carriers and our networking equipment.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about’s dedicated servers or network, you can email us at sales [at]