Why Host a Dedicated Server in New York City?

Why Host a Dedicated Server in New York City?

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New York City has been a hub of commerce in the United States for hundreds of years. It’s no surprise that this location is a favorite for internet providers and hosting companies. But should you host a dedicated server in New York City? Here at IOFLOOD.com, we host all of our dedicated servers in Phoenix, AZ, but that’s not the right option for everyone. Before making a decision as important as your web hosting, it pays to understand the options.

Today we’re going to help you with this by going over some of the pros and cons of hosting your dedicated servers in New York City:


  • Excellent connectivity: Nearly every internet service provider has a point of presence in New York City. This allows dedicated hosting providers to build a high performance affordable network.
  • Low latency to Europe and the Northeast US: Lower latency means faster website visits, games with less lag, and a better user experience. By providing the best possible connectivity to the northeast US, it’s no wonder New York City is a popular hosting location. With major fiber landing points in NYC, this location also offers some of the best European hosting performance you can get while still hosting your servers in the US.
  • Brand recognition: Although Ashburn Virginia has many of the same advantages as New York, one thing you can’t take away from New York is brand recognition. Many people can’t find Ashburn on a map, and why waste your time educating clients about why Ashburn is just as good? Make your sales with less effort by advertising a top tier location like New York City
  • Forex Exchanges. If you do foreign exchange trading, milliseconds matter. Being close to the trading exchanges is a big advantage to New York City and Chicago hosting for this market segment.


  • Cost: The most obvious disadvantage can be a serious one. With sky high property values, electricity costs, and taxes, hosting in New York City isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. You can get nearly the same performance at a far lower price by hosting in New Jersey, Ashburn Virginia, or even Chicago.
  • Weather: Although relatively rare, bad weather does strike New York and this can sometimes affect datacenters, causing downtime. When hosting here, it pays to have a disaster recovery plan in place and off site backups. You can avoid many of these problems by hosting in a disaster free region such Phoenix, AZ or Nevada.
  • Not perfect for everyone: Although New York City offers excellent latency to the Northeast US and adequate latency to Europe, if your customers are primarily in Asia or the West Cost of the US, a location like Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Jose, or Seattle may be more appropriate. This is more important for latency sensitive applications like game hosting, and less important for general web hosting.

Picking the best dedicated server can be hard. I hope this list of pros and con’s has helped you with your decision making process. If you need more information or have any questions, please contact our team at sales [at] ioflood.com.