World Community Grid: Using idle CPU power to cure diseases

cpu photo

Photo by ed10vi Creative Commons Logo

You may have wondered what to do with your extra computing power. You have a computer at home that sits idle all of the time, but what can you do with it? A good option is to participate in IBM’s World Community Grid. This will use the spare computing power of your home computer or server to help solve the world’s problems. Current projects include Fight AIDS at Home, Mapping Cancer Markers, and The Clean Energy Project. uses World Community Grid on idle servers that are waiting for customers. This way, this idle capacity is used to help work on these important problems. As of Dec 12, 2014, has donated over 37 years of idle processing power to these projects. We don’t recommend running this on your dedicated servers as it may hurt performance for your applications, but if you have a computer that is doing nothing at all, then World Community Grid is perfect for helping out with this idle capacity.

You can join the World Community Grid team and help make a difference today.

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