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Server Pricing Report – October 2020

Welcome to the ninth installment of our monthly server price reporting for 2020. If you were following along, last year we’ve been tracking changing parts prices for RAM, SSDs, Hard Drives, CPUs, and a couple of GPUs. Typically this is done monthly, and then shared on our blog. Currently, all listed prices are from eBay,

Failing Safe – Drive Wipe Policy

Some of you may recall recently we posted a blog post about using checklists to help avoid workplace complacency and customer inconvenience.  If you missed it, you can go back and read it here: No matter how comprehensive your checklists may be, there will always be weak points that can cause confusion, concern, or

How To: Set up autopay in Ubersmith!

Welcome to another  of our ‘How To’ customer guides!   For this post we’re going to walk you through another of the most common questions we get asked in the billing department.   How can I set up autopay on my service? We know that our customers are busy running their businesses and have better things to

Check One, Two, Three!

Avoiding Workplace Complacency and Customer Inconvenience through the use of Checklists. Here at IOFlood we pride ourselves on using the right tools for the job, in everything we do.  We love servers, which is why we would never use substandard hardware during provisioning.  We also love our customers, which is why we take pride in

IOFlood Policies – Overdue Billing

A top of mind concern in the IT industry is preventing data loss. Typically, technical solutions are considered, but this overlooks more mundane causes of data loss that arguably crop up more frequently, such as human error, billing errors, and similar issues. As a company that cares about the preservation of customer data, we give

Installing BOINC / World Community Grid on Ubuntu (not Centos)

Installing BOINC Some of you may have read our previous article on world community grid, saying why it is a good idea to donate your spare cpu time. We recommended this for desktop computers mostly, but also servers if they are completely idle. If you want, you can also join team IOFLOOD on world community grid.

World Community Grid: Using idle CPU power to cure diseases

You may have wondered what to do with your extra computing power. You have a computer at home that sits idle all of the time, but what can you do with it? A good option is to participate in IBM’s World Community Grid. This will use the spare computing power of your home computer or