IOFlood Policies – Overdue Billing

A top of mind concern in the IT industry is preventing data loss. Typically, technical solutions are considered, but this overlooks more mundane causes of data loss that arguably crop up more frequently, such as human error, billing errors, and similar issues. As a company that cares about the preservation of customer data, we give

How to Install DirectAdmin

With the recent cPanel price increases, many web hosting providers are considering alternative control panels for the management of their websites.  In terms of alternative control panels, as we have previously discussed in our DirectAdmin v. cPanel post, DirectAdmin is a formidable competitor. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea

Determining Number of cPanel Licences Actively Being Used

How Many cPanel Accounts Do I Really Need? In late June of 2019, cPanel announced a new licencing and pricing structure for all cPanel services.  As these changes have been implemented on a per-user basis, it’s important to be able to determine how many user accounts you are going to need.   Auditing your cPanel accounts

Hosting Best Practices Part 1: Server Cancellations

It’s 3am, and you get woken up by a flood of calls from angry customers. You stumble over to the computer to see what’s going on, and sure enough, you can’t reach your server. You send your hosting company a trouble ticket, thinking the server must have crashed again, a nuisance, but no big deal,