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3 Python Methods to Remove Duplicates From a List

Have you ever encountered a list in Python riddled with duplicate items? This is a common challenge for Python users, regardless of their expertise level. This comprehensive guide is designed to equip you with various methods to remove duplicates from a Python list. From basic techniques to more advanced methods, we aim to ensure you’re

Poetry for Python: Installation, Configuration, and Usage

Does the thought of managing Python project dependencies make you rethink your career choices? You’re not alone. This task can indeed be challenging, especially for complex projects. However, there’s a tool that can make this process smooth and painless. Welcome to the world of Poetry. Poetry is designed to make Python dependency management efficient and

Using Python Raise() Function to Throw Exceptions

While coding in Python, you might encounter unexpected errors, or ‘exceptions’. Exceptions in Python are events that occur when your program encounters an error during its execution. They are pivotal in Python programming as they assist in identifying and handling errors efficiently. But what if you want to throw an exception intentionally? There are many

Python timedelta() DateTime | Usage and Examples Guide

Working with date and time calculations in Python can often feel feel frustrating. But fear not: This is where Python’s timedelta comes in. This function, nestled within the datetime module, is like a Swiss Army knife for date and time manipulations. Whether you’re calculating the difference between two dates, adding or subtracting time from a

Learn Python: Read a File Line by Line (With Examples)

Python’s versatile file handling capabilities are one of its many strengths, and today, we’re going to delve into one specific aspect of it – reading files line by line. Whether you’re a beginner starting your Python journey or a seasoned developer brushing up on your skills, this guide is designed to equip you with the

Python Docstring Usage Guide (With Examples)

Imagine revisiting your code after a significant period; without proper documentation, you’d be lost. Python Docstrings are used to remedy this. They are integral for code documentation, serving as your personal notes and guide for other developers, explaining the purpose and functionality of different parts of your code. This comprehensive guide aims to familiarize you

[SOLVED] Keyerror Causes in Python | Examples Included

Imagine you’re in a library searching for a specific book. You’ve been given its exact location, but when you get there, the book is missing. This situation is akin to encountering a ‘KeyError’ in Python. It happens when you try to access a key that doesn’t exist in a dictionary, much like reaching for a

Server Pricing Report – December 2022

Welcome to the twelfth and final installment of our monthly server pricing report for 2022. Since 2019, we have been tracking changing parts prices for RAM, SSDs, Hard Drives, and various CPUs. This data is collected monthly, and then shared on this blog. Currently, all listed prices are from eBay, for used hardware. We focus

Create an SSH SOCKS Proxy with PuTTY: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re looking for a secure way to connect to remote networks or keep your network traffic confidential, using PuTTY as a SOCKS proxy is a fantastic choice. This approach opens up a new world of possibilities, forwarding network traffic through a secure SSH tunnel while utilizing the SOCKS protocol to offer a simple solution