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A Dedicated server with SSDs means fast, reliable hosting for your magento website

Your ecommerce website is your livelihood. Downtime and slow page loads translate directly into lost sales and lower search rankings. If you're serious about your business, you can't afford to use shared hosting. Only a dedicated server with SSD storage can provide maximum performance to keep your magento website up and running even during the peak season.

I wouldn't want you to miss out on the opportunity to see increased performance, uptime, and most importantly, higher sales. Keep reading to learn more about why an IOFLOOD dedicated server is your best option for hosting your magento website.

Why a dedicated server?

You may wonder, with every hosting company out there selling $9 hosting accounts, why should you get a dedicated server? The truth is, for some users, a $9 hosting account is perfectly fine. For running websites for fun, if the page loads a little slow or the website is down sometimes, that's not a big deal. For serious businesses however, these problems translate directly into lost revenue.

The reason a dedicated server is a must for an ecommerce site is simple. With shared hosting, there are hundreds of people sharing a single server. If any one of those people does anything intensive, such as backing up their data, running a large database query, or simply if they have a lot of visitors to their website, performance can slow to a crawl for everyone. To save money, hosting providers put as many customers on a server as possible, which makes this problem come up very frequently.

A dedicated server on the other hand, has resources just for you. All of the ram, cpu, and disk on a single server is dedicated only to your website. Peak season? Not a problem. Because you have an entire cpu and disk to yourself, there is more than enough performance to handle any spike that comes along.

A dedicated server does cost more than shared hosting. But for an ecommerce site, losing even one sale can often cost more. Hosting your magento website on a fast dedicated server is the easiest way to increase the speed and uptime of your website -- and increase revenue and profits along the way.

Why SSDs?

SSDs, also known as solid state drives, use memory chips instead of spinning platters to store data. Because of this, they are more than 100 times faster at quickly reading and writing small files. This is exactly the kind of usage you would see from a high performance database such as when running a magento website.

SSDs can improve performance for all kinds of websites, but the improvement is even more noticeable with magento. This is because magento is very database intensive, reading and writing data constantly to your mysql database with every pageview. In order to maintain acceptable performance, SSD storage is a must.

The good news is that SSD drives have come down in price dramatically. Because we are a smaller more flexible hosting company than our competitors, IOFLOOD is able to offer prices on fast SSD drives that is lower than many providers charge for slower mechanical hard drives.


IOFLOOD is your best option for magento dedicated server hosting. Some of the benefits of choosing IOFLOOD for your magento server are:

  • Your website is your business. You don't have time to go back and forth with staff who care about closing your ticket more than actually helping you. At IOFLOOD, we put in the extra effort and followup needed to make sure any problem we work on is solved as completely as possible. Although we offer "unmanaged" support, unlike most unmanaged hosts, we're happy to lend a hand with the occasional server problem or technical question.

  • Expert configuration before you receive your server. Most hosting providers will leave all the cPanel settings at the defaults, leaving you to guess which of the hundreds of options need to be changed. IOFLOOD knows which settings are ok to leave as-is, and which ones always should be changed before handing over your server.

  • At IOFLOOD, we take hardware seriously, and wouldn't put anything in your server that we wouldn't use for ourselves. We use Supermicro enterprise grade servers for maximum stability, Samsung SSD drives for speed and reliability, and the latest Intel CPUs to give you the best performance possible.

What do I get?

All IOFLOOD Magento Dedicated Servers come with the following features:

  • A Dedicated server with expert optimizations to improve security and performance

  • Quad Core Intel Xeon CPU -- massive processing power

  • CentOS Linux for maximum stability

  • cPanel to make it easy to manage your websites

  • RAID SSD storage prevents data loss and increases disk speed

Still not sure? Email sales [at] with your questions today.

Why cPanel?

cPanel is the industry standard for web hosting management. Whether you have one magento website or one hundred, cPanel's account administration features make it easy to configure your website and email, keep your site running flawlessly, and secure your web server.

Some of the features of cPanel are:

  • Ease of setup: cPanel takes the effort out of setting up DNS, mail, addon domains, and many other details in the website setup process.

  • Security: cPanel has software that constantly monitors your server for incoming attacks and blocks people trying to hack into your server. Meanwhile, automatic updates are a cPanel feature that helps keep you protected against tomorrows security threats.

  • Support: every installation of cPanel comes with excellent support from cPanel's developers. In addition to that, because cPanel is so popular, virtually everyone who knows hosting knows cPanel. Finding someone who can help you with any possible problem that could arise couldn't be easier. As well, although IOFLOOD offers unmanaged servers, because cPanel makes things so easy, we are happy to help with the occasional cPanel related problem or inquiry.

Click here to learn more about IOFLOOD cPanel optimizations.

Specs and Prices:

The base specs for your magento optimized dedicated server can be upgraded from the following base configuration:

  • Intel Quad Core Xeon E3-1230v2 3.3ghz 'Ivy Bridge' CPU

  • 32gb ram

  • 2x 250gb Samsung SSDs in raid 1

  • 5 dedicated IP addresses can be used for SSL and name servers

  • cPanel dedicated server license

  • 10tb / mo bandwidth on 1gbps port

Only $199/mo $179/mo -- 5 left at this price

Customize and order now

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Our feedback speaks for itself. Here's what customers like you have to say about IOFLOOD:
"IOFlood are indeed a smashing provider. There's one very unique attribute that sets them apart from the others - quality support... They give a damn. It's obvious to me."
"I've worked with Gabe and I would rate "support" to about 15 on a scale from 0 to 10. Technical knowledge is likewise."
"Ioflood shines in support like none other. Gabe's team is exactly what they say they are, a whole bunch of system administrators, so as an administrator, being able to talk the same language makes things rather easy."
Tim T.
"My clients put in 81% fewer tickets with IOFLOOD than any other provider, none of them have EVER had to put in an emergency ticket or hardware replacement ticket."

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